Deep Oven Cleaning in Reading

Enhance your culinary experience and enjoy tastier meals!

  • Deep clean + dip tank cleaning procedure
  • Powerful grease cleaning solution
  • Experienced professionals
  • Fixed prices – no hidden charges

We Clean Your Oven In 12 Steps

Step 1We park in the nearest free parking space next to your home and our technician comes to greet you.
Step 2The technician inspects the functionality of the oven, how it works and whether it can be improved.
Step 3The technician inspects the stove to determine what detergents he needs to use for the best possible results.
Step 4Unloads the equipment together with all necessary detergents for the service.
Step 5We prepare a solution of water + eco cleaning products.
Step 6Disassemble all parts of the oven that can be disassembled. Then soak them in a special dip tank with the detergents.
Step 7While all parts are soaking, we clean the oven and hob.
Step 8After the oven itself and the hobs have been cleaned, the parts of the dip tank are rinsed.
Step 9Assemble the stove and turn it on to make sure it works as before the cleaning.
Step 10We ask the client to come and inspect the result of the cleaning.
Step 11We give tips for keeping the oven clean longer. We leave marketing materials to talk to the client about his impressions of our service.
Step 12You have a clean and shiny oven. Just like the day you bought it!

Proven Cleaning Techniques

We disassemble your oven and take out all removable parts to clean them separately and access even those hard-to-reach places in your cooker, cleaning everything to perfection.

High-End Detergents

Besides specialised procedures, we use the best cleaning solution on the market. You can expect us to be fully equipped, ready to eliminate all types of germs and bacteria.

We Clean All Types

There is nothing we can’t clean. Single ovens, range cookers, AGAs, BBQs – we are ready to take care of all types and sizes, leaving them spotlessly clean.

Deep Oven & BBQ Cleaning

Cooking is an essential part of our day-to-day life. Inevitably, over time the cooker accumulates grease and grime that spoil both the taste of your meals and your cooking experience.

Cleaning your cooker to perfection is certainly not a simple task. Especially if you aim to deep clean every inch of it. It requires not only time and effort, but also specialised equipment and solid experience.

We know how to restore that shiny brand-new look of any oven no matter its condition. Here’s what you can expect from our local oven cleaning service in Reading:

  • Prolonged life of your appliance
  • Better tasting food
  • Improved heat distribution and energy efficiency
  • More enjoyable cooking sessions

Professional Oven Cleaning Near Me

The kitchen is the soul of every home. The oven is the most used part of it. Food gathers people. But it is important how the oven is maintained. An inspiring result cannot be achieved in a dirty oven. And instead of pleasant aromas, your dishes will smell of grease. Sure oven cleaning is one of the most unpleasant tasks. Especially if the dirt has not been cleaned for a long time. In this case, it is better to have trusted local oven cleaners and to look for a professional oven cleaning service near me.

Even if you have great enthusiasm, strong hands and many detergents, you will be able to remove only the external dirt. However, grease penetrates and reaches invisible and difficult to clean spots inside. This can damage your kitchen appliance. To enjoy your oven, the best solution is to look for local oven cleaners and “Professional oven cleaning service near me”.

NOTE: You can use the appliance immediately after the cleaning procedure.

BBQ Cleaning

Get ready for the long-awaited grilling season! Our barbecue cleaning in Reading is as reliable as our oven valeting service. The procedure once again involves deep cleaning with the use of a dip tank. Each detachable part of your BBQ will be soaked in detergent while the barbecue itself is sprayed with a powerful cleaning solution and carefully polished. All food leftovers and burnt-on grease accumulations will be gone and you – ready for the season!

Dip Tank Technology

Throughout the years, we’ve managed to test numerous cleaning methods. When it comes to oven & BBQ cleaning – the dip tank procedure shows unsurpassed quality results. You can rely on us to polish your appliances to perfection!

Deep Oven Cleaning Service in Reading for Your Home

Why choose a professional deep oven cleaning service in Reading? If you are one of the people who love to cook and the kitchen is one of the favourite places at home, then surely your oven has accumulated a lot of grease and dirt. With time and use, grease accumulates and becomes difficult to be cleaned. This changes the taste and aroma of your dishes. In addition, this greasy dirt can be lit up. A professional deep oven cleaning service is your solution that will save you a lot of time and effort. The service includes:

  • Effective cleaning oven racks solutions
  • Deep cleaning, not just surface grease removal
  • Use of the most modern eco-friendly detergents suitable for different surfaces
  • Thorough cleaning of all moving oven parts by disassembling them

Professional domestic oven cleaning will extend your kitchen appliance lifecycle. Instead of wasting half a day and getting dirty with grease to clean oven glass, you will have time to cook delicious meals for your family. And the results of cooking will be excellent every time, because of not only quality products, but the oven is also important. Why agree with less if you can get more?

Our Happy Clients


“We would highly recommend MagicPro Carpet Cleaning Ltd. Ivan is very professional and friendly. We will definitely use his service in the future. Thank you again.”


“Ivor was excellent. He moved furniture and did a really good job of dirty carpets left by the previous owners of our new house. We would use him again without hesitation.”


"Arrived as booked, as promised my oven looks brand new. Definitely recommend MagicPro to friends. Very happy customer."


“I was promised that my oven would be like new after they finished the clean and they were true to their word.”


“Another brilliant job, always very efficient and very helpful.
Would definitely recommend.”


“Great service. My 10 year old carpet looks like new and at a good price. What more do you need. Will use again definitely.”

Your Oven Cleaning Company in Reading

In order to enjoy your oven for a long time, it must be well maintained. In addition to the technical recommendations, the accumulated dirt that penetrates through the oven moving parts must be cleaned. It can affect the oven key parts operation. To remove the grease, cleaning the inside of the oven is necessary. For this purpose, the moving parts must be disassembled and everything is cleaned by the dip tank method. Then they are reassembled. As you can see, this activity can only be performed by fully trained professionals with many years of experience. Magic Pro Cleaning is your solution if you are looking for a trusted oven cleaning company in Reading.

Appropriate detergent use is also very important. They will also protect your oven from easy contamination. Many people think that prolonged and strong rubbing will lead to spotless oven cleaning. But this actually damages the surfaces. If your oven is professionally cleaned regularly, it will be much easier for you to maintain it afterwards. You will clean the outside dirt on the oven after using it. In addition, this way you will be sure that you will be able to cook your masterpieces on it for a long time.

Contact Magic Pro for deep oven cleaning in Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the deep oven cleaning service take?

This depends on the type of your cooker and it’s condition. It usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour for a medium-sized oven and up to one hour and 30 minutes at most for bigger ones.

Can I use my appliance immediately after the service?

Yes, we only suggest that you turn it on for 15 minutes so that the excess moisture evaporates entirely.

Do you bring any tools and detergents?

The cleaning technician will be fully equipped upon arrival with everything necessary to provide you with excellent results. What we only need you to supply us with is hot water to efficiently perform the service and electricity in order to test run the oven.

What oven types can you clean?

Each cleaning specialist is experienced in cleaning all types, including single & double ovens, master range and AGAs.

Let Us Restore The Life of Your Oven

No matter the type, size or condition of your appliance, we guarantee to leave it sparkling clean. Contact us today and schedule your appointment with one of our local oven cleaning specialists.

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