Do carpet cleaners move furniture?

carpet cleaning and moved furniture

There are few mandatory steps before and during cleaning carpets. Today we will give you an answer to the question “What to do before the carpet cleaning arrive?”. I am sure a lot of you are wondering if they should move furniture, prepare the rooms, etc. In order to reveal all secrets, we will have to explain how do carpet cleaners work. In this article, we will explain to you every step of the carpet cleaning process with furniture.

How do carpet cleaners work?

To begin with – it is very important for the carpet technician first to inspect the carpets. This is an essential part of the process. With a simple inspection, the carpet cleaner will have a clear view of what stains are there. What fabric the carpets are made of, are there any furniture that needs to be moved? You will ask why this is so important? Well, this is information gives a pretty good base on which detergent the carpet cleaner will use. There are different detergents for different types of stains, fabrics. Even the water degree is crucial when it comes to gentle carpet materials.

Another important preparation before washing carpet – do carpet cleaners move furniture?
If there is any furniture on the carpets and they can be moved by the technician, they will be moved. It is important to know that we, at Magic Pro Cleaning, move all furniture according to all Health and Safety regulations. If carpet cleaning without moving furniture is performed then this might cause some issues in the future. If you decide to replace your furniture or change its place, the area beneath will be a different colour than the rest of the carpet. So if you ask the question “do you have to move furniture for carpet cleaning” the answer should be – wait until the carpet cleaner is on-site and he will confirm that with you. This is why we highly recommend first to think of do carpet cleaners move your furniture? This will save you a lot of hustle. Rest assured, that we do not charge extra to move furnitures. This is done free of charge as a complementary to the carpet cleaning.

When it comes to carpet cleaning under the beds – the handle is long enough and the technician will clean as much as he can reach. This is only if the bed is too heavy and it cannot be moved.

And of course, we measure the pH of the carpet. This ensures that the carpets are professionally cleaned, we need to know the alkalinity of the carpets. Measuring this before and after the service proves your carpets will not be discoloured and all detergents we use are the right for the fabrics.

Carpet cleaning service

The Process of Professionally Cleaning Carpets

When the carpet is free of any furniture, first, hoover the carpet to remove dist and debris. Then the carpet technician starts the pre-treatment. This includes stain treatment – if any- with eco-friendly detergents. Still, they are efficient enough and can remove the most common stains. We use top of shelf product when it comes to carpet cleaning – Prochem. We strive to use the best products on the market. In the meantime, we care for the environment and it is important for us to preserve nature.

The next step is where the carpet machine comes in handy. The carpet is carefully cleaned with a professional steam cleaning machine. The hot water extraction method is one of the most powerful and effective methods when it comes to clean carpets. The technique we are using will leave your carpets sanitized and fresh. To finalize the cleaning, the technician will apply a protective spray on top of the carpet to make sure that the colours and the fabric will stay fresh for longer. This spray is not visible to the eye but it makes a huge difference.

Once the cleaning is done, we again measure the carpets with the pH meter to ensure that the carpet is left in the same condition as before the service and the pH is not changed.

What is next?

The carpet cleaning may be finished, but there is a little thing you should do to assist the carpets to dry faster. I am sure you do not want wet carpet. The drying time for each carpet is different. It depends on the fabrics how long to wait after carpet cleaning.

Usually, when we clean carpets with the steam cleaning method, the carpet cleaning machine extract up to 95% of the water. Still, it will be better to leave the windows and the doors open for up to a few hours.

Carpet cleaning service

But what about the furniture?

That is a really good question. Should you place them back? How long after carpet cleaning to put furniture back? What we would like to advise is to wait till the carpets are fully dried. It usually takes a day to have fully dried carpets. If you move back the furniture before the carpets are dried and the furniture is heavy, this might damage the carpets. Heavy furniture and wet carpets is not a good combination. This will make holes in the fabric. This is non-reversible and cannot be fixed.

Another tip we can give you is to use carpet protectors for furniture legs. These are small see-through pads to place between the carpet and the furniture legs. They can be used with beds, sofa, coffee tables and all other furniture.

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