Expert Gutter Cleaning in Reading

Protect your home from unnecessary water damage!

  • High quality service at affordable price
  • Protection from leakage and organic growth
  • Professional equipment and cleaning techniques
  • Before & after pictures showing the results

Experienced Professionals

Years of experience and attention to detail is what makes our brand distinctive. We know how to handle any job and provide you with the best possible results.

Equipped From A to Z

You can expect us to come fully equipped with all the necessary tools & detergents. The gutter cleaning itself is performed with high-reach equipment from the ground.

Domestic & Commercial Service

Whether you’d like to have your home or office taken care of, you’re at the right place. Our experts are trained to clean the guttering of properties and office buildings.

PRO Gutter Cleaning

When was the last time you had your gutter professionally cleaned? It really is crucial to take care of your property’s guttering system occasionally. Neglecting this responsibility can be very frustrating and expensive.

Efficiently cleaning your gutter is easier said than done. If you’re don’t have specialised equipment for the job, it can be rather dangerous.

In the hands of trusted cleaning specialists, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning it on your own. Let us efficiently take care of your guttering system and enjoy the benefits.

  • Avoid the risk of costly damage to your property
  • Compare the results yourself with before and after pictures
  • Protect your property from organic growth and pest infestations
  • Vitalize your home’s exterior

Our Professional Gutter Cleaning In A Few Simple Steps

  1. We arrive at the appointed time and begin with an inspection of your guttering’s current condition. Specifically checking for cracks or damages that we need to consider when performing the service.
  2. Proceeding next, we start the main cleaning procedure. With the use of modern equipment, the cleaning expert will be able to effectively clean the gutter from ground level. Don’t worry – the magical results are guaranteed. The specialised wet vacuum has an extendable pole that allows our experts to reach up to the 4th floor.
  3. The cleaning specialists will thoroughly clean your guttering system and ensure that all organic growth and different debris are removed and your gutter is restored. Additionally, we check the drain pipes for any blockages that need to be taken care of.
  4. Once we have everything cleaned, the technician will be able to show you before and after pictures taken with the tiny camera attached to the pole. You will be able to clearly see the satisfactory results yourself.

NOTE: Please be informed that the service requires electricity to be performed.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Office buildings need occasional gutter maintenance as well. If you’ve ever experienced leakage or costly damages at your workspace, you certainly understand the importance of the commercial gutter cleaning. Maintaining the guttering system of a commercial building is not only pretty time consuming but also very difficult if you lack the experience and specialised equipment. Take the appropriate actions today and save up valuable time and resources, while we complete the difficult chores for you!

Specialised Tools

We use a wet vacuum machine with a telescopic pole. It allows the service to be performed safely from the ground, whilst maintaining the highest quality results. Additionally, the tiny camera attached to the tool will take post-service pictures and show you the results in details.


“We would highly recommend MagicPro Carpet Cleaning Ltd. Ivan is very professional and friendly. We will definitely use his service in the future. Thank you again.”


“Ivor was excellent. He moved furniture and did a really good job of dirty carpets left by the previous owners of our new house. We would use him again without hesitation.”


"Arrived as booked, as promised my oven looks brand new. Definitely recommend MagicPro to friends. Very happy customer."


“I was promised that my oven would be like new after they finished the clean and they were true to their word.”


“Another brilliant job, always very efficient and very helpful.
Would definitely recommend.”


“Great service. My 10 year old carpet looks like new and at a good price. What more do you need. Will use again definitely.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean all types of gutters?
We clean can the majority of them, with an exception for downpipes that go into the ground, simply because we can’t access them.
Do I need to supply anything for the service?
The cleaning specialist will come equipped with all the necessary tools. We only ask you to supply us with electricity and water. This is crucial in order to perform the cleaning procedure and bring you the best possible results.
How do I know if my guttering system needs to be cleaned?
If you notice that your gutter starts to overflow whenever it rains, or the downspouts drain no water, this is most likely due to clogged gutters. On the other hand, occasional maintenance is key to a healthy guttering system. Even if you don’t see any problems, if you’ve not had them cleaned for a while, it won’t hurt to have them professionally cleaned.
How often do I need to clean my gutter?
Experts advise professional gutter maintenance 2 to 4 times a year, depending on where you live and how many trees you have in your garden. Remember – you don’t need to experience costly damages in order to consider a cleaning specialist.

Hire Your Gutter Cleaner

We aim to provide you with personally tailored service that suits your cleaning needs. Contact us and schedule an appointment for a local gutter cleaning service.

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We are professional Reading-based cleaners with years of experience cleaning both domestic and business properties.

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