Dec 16, 2020

How to Keep Your Oven Clean?

With the year’s experience behind our back, we have not seen a single person that enjoys oven cleaning. Everybody is looking for some miracle when it comes to removing food residue from the cooker. Luckily for you, we have prepared some tricks you will benefit. If you follow the tips, you will be saving a lot of time.

Of course, we highly recommend using eco-friendly detergents. All detergents used for oven cleaning might compromise the food if not washed away properly. The maintaining tricks you will find in the article will give you more knowledge on how to keep your oven clean.

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Clean Oven

Maintain Trick №1

Cover the food while cooking

Cooking in a greasy oven is a challenge. But once you know why the spatters happen, you can solve that problem. Of course, all the splashes are there because of the bubbling deliciousness in the oven. While the dish is cooking, some of it is splashing on the inside of the oven. 

To prevent this from happening, you can use a lid. Whit that simple tip you can ensure an oven with no splashes. Isn`t that all we want?

Cleaned Oven Trays

Oven Maintenance Tip №2

Lay an oven liner at the bottom

Did you know that there is a thing called oven liner? Yes, there is! And it is magnificent! It is a mat that will protect the oven from any falling food. Just lay a piece of it on the bottom of the stove. After every time you use the cooker with the protective mat in it, the oven will be cleaner for longer. It is an easy job to clean the liner – it needs only running water and a dishwashing detergent. Rinse it and let it dry. Now it is ready to use it when you make your next meal.

Oven Cleaning Tip №3

Whipe the oven while you cook

I know this sounds very tedious, but believe me, a single wipe will save you hours of cleaning later.

Only a wipe will be enough. While the little particles of food are still not dry, this wipe is all it takes for the oven to be clean. It is a lot easier to scrub an oven while the residues are still fresh. It is the best time because the grease is wiped away easily.

Maintain Trick №4

Use roasting bags

Use roasting bags for meat, fish or even vegetables, to ensure there are no spills or splatters during cooking. The food prepared in such bags is even moister and delicious than usual.
Using such kind of a bag guarantees a spotless oven after finish cooking and a perfect meal.

Oven Maintenance Trick №5

Call the professionals

Of course, the easiest way to keep your oven clean is to hire professionals to clean it for you. We highly recommend cleaning your oven at least twice a year By a professional. The method of the dip tank we are using ensures that the cooker will be left spotless and sparkling clean! This powerful method, with the help with the top of the shelf eco-friendly cleaning products, is one of our secrets! You can read more about our service here. 

Oven Glass Door Cleaned
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