Expert Jet Washing Services in Reading

Make your exterior shine again with our help!

  • Specialised cleaning equipment and detergents
  • Experienced cleaning technicians
  • Competitive rates
  • Immediate magical results

We Perform Jet Washing In 8 Steps

Step 1We park in the nearest free parking space next to your home and our technician comes to you.
Step 2Unloads the equipment, together with all the necessary attributes for the service.
Step 3We inspect the area that needs to be cleaned.
Step 4We find the water tap that is provided for us to use.
Step 5We perform the service.
Step 6We ask the client to come and see the result of the cleaning.
Step 7We give tips for keeping clean longer. If there are holes somewhere in the gutter itself, we point them out to the client so that he can react in time. We leave marketing materials to talk to the client about his impressions of our service.
Step 8You have clean and washed patios/driveways/conservatories/decks

Safe High Grade Detergents

Our pros use a high-end cleaning solution to achieve the best possible results for our clients. The detergents we use are extremely powerful, yet environmentally friendly and harmless to children and pets.

Specialised Equipment

We perform the service with the latest and most powerful tools on the market, in order to guarantee the best possible results and experience for our clients.

Trained & Dedicated Professionals

The experts at Magic Pro Cleaning apply different advanced cleaning techniques to ensure efficient removal of the most stubborn stains from different surfaces.

What you can expect from our Jet Washing service

Over the years, we’ve invested lots of time and effort in perfecting every each service that we offer. Our pressure washing service in Reading is no exception. We’ve managed to polish our skills and procedures in order to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for every client.

You can rely on us to perfectly clean your patio, driveway, decking, facades, brickwork, fences & garden furniture and more.


  • Environmentally friendly service
  • Easy booking & flexible schedule
  • Great professionalism & attention to detail
  • Magical results

Professional Power Washing Services near Me

We at Magic Pro Cleaning try to be as helpful as possible to our customers by offering a variety of cleaning services. Our goal is to be closer to our customers, knowing their needs. Consumers are looking for power washing services near me because they require a quick response, need on-site consultation, and are comfortable having a cleaning company office nearby. For the Reading area, we have been offering power washing and pressure cleaning since 2013. These services are designed for almost any outdoor space, garden furniture and equipment. To help our clients make informed choices, we also provide on-site consultations.

Seven days a week you can also send a free quote to our email or call our phones. Our consultants will inform you about the types of flooring, facades and surfaces that can be cleaned through our power washing services. Our cleaning team has professional equipment that arrives on site. No chemicals are used, only water power washing. This makes the cleaning technology extremely useful for health and in high demand. At the same time, a high level of hygiene is achieved, and the harmful effects of a number of negative factors on the cleaned surfaces are also limited.

Professional Decking Cleaning Services

Has your decking lost its colour, looking old and tired? Is it slowly becoming dangerously slippery? Decking has immense popularity in England, mainly due to the beauty and coziness it gives off to a garden. Left untreated, however, it can become rather unpleasant and even start to rot. You can rely on us to efficiently take care of your decking and bring back it’s colour, without damaging the surface material.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Are you looking to freshen up the premises of your office? You can rely on our experts to do help you out, without sacrificing your and the productivity of your team.

Pressure Washing Service in Reading for Your Outdoor Place

Magic Pro Cleaning offers a professional pressure washing service in Reading. Regular outdoor space cleaning significantly prolongs the life of paving, facades and patios because it limits the negative impact of mould, limestone, sprouted vegetation, microorganisms and insects. High-pressure cleaning restores the beauty and cleanliness of your outdoor space and removes debris and mould. In addition, stains and discoloration on exterior paving and facades are removed.

Cleaned areas and facilities ensure space hygiene for children safety. And because the technology is clean – no chemicals are used, it is safe and extremely good for health. The perfectly clean surfaces in the yard after high-pressure cleaning will delight you with their shine and beauty. This way you will be able to enjoy the outdoor space of your home or business building for many years. In addition, you will save significant funds from unplanned repairs of flooring, facades, facilities and furniture in the yard.

Only a professionally performed pressure washing service guarantees you healthy, clean and beautiful outdoor spaces. Our many years of experience as a pressure washing company guarantees you excellent results in cleaning your deck, driveway, patio, siding, garden furniture, fences, children’s facilities. Book your pressure washing service in Reading today.

Our Happy Clients


“We would highly recommend MagicPro Carpet Cleaning Ltd. Ivan is very professional and friendly. We will definitely use his service in the future. Thank you again.”


“Ivor was excellent. He moved furniture and did a really good job of dirty carpets left by the previous owners of our new house. We would use him again without hesitation.”


"Arrived as booked, as promised my oven looks brand new. Definitely recommend MagicPro to friends. Very happy customer."


“I was promised that my oven would be like new after they finished the clean and they were true to their word.”


“Another brilliant job, always very efficient and very helpful.
Would definitely recommend.”


“Great service. My 10 year old carpet looks like new and at a good price. What more do you need. Will use again definitely.”

Residential and Commercial Jet Washing Services in Reading

Magic Pro Cleaning has been providing professional residential and commercial jet washing services in Reading since 2013. The company has specialized equipment and a trained team. We provide the following services:

  • Cleaning and renovation of exterior flooring, facades.
  • Cleaning stains from various surfaces in the outdoor space;
  • Decking and steps cleaning;
  • Patio and driveway cleaning;
  • Exterior cleaning of all kinds of surfaces;
  • Industrial cleaning of car parks, outside areas with different purposes – playgrounds, shopping areas, sitting areas.

Along with the aesthetic effect of jet washing, a high level of hygiene of the cleaned surfaces is achieved. Due to some surface specifics, their regular cleaning is necessary, as otherwise, they become very dangerous for exploitation due to slipping, staining, etc. Proper maintenance of premises and facilities requires removal of the harmful insects, vegetation, waste negative impact. This also prevents the growth of moss, algae, the spread of mould, which seriously damage all pavements and surfaces over time.

Untimely measures can lead to accidents or emergency repairs. That is why Magic Pro Cleaning offers you to preserve the aesthetics and stability of your home and office outdoor space through our jet washing services in Reading.

NOTE: The service requires drainage, water supply and electricity in order to be performed efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of surfaces can you clean?

Our jet washing service is designed to clean plastic, concrete, stone, tiles, metal, wood and other surfaces that can withstand the strong pressure.

Can the pressure washing service clean everything?

This particular cleaning procedure has the potential to really clean stubborn stains like they’re nothing. In some cases, however, old, dried up oil and paint spots leave small traces behind. That being said, in most cases, the exterior is left spotlessly clean for a long time.

Do you bring your own cleaning equipment?

Yes, we do. The cleaning technician will be fully equipped and prepared for the job. The jet washing machine, however, requires access to electricity and water, which we rely on our clients to provide us with.

Can the jet washing service cause damage to my property?

Pressure washing can, in fact, damage certain surfaces, if performed by an amateur. Our cleaning experts are fully trained with years of experience behind their back. With the use of advanced equipment and strong attention to detail, you don’t have to worry about any damages.

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Jet Washing Services near Me in Reading

If you need jet washing services near me in the Reading area our exclusive offer is just for you. Perfectly cleaned surfaces will be protected from the harmful effects of mould, unwanted vegetation and insects. This way you will not only preserve their beauty, but you will also be able to enjoy them for a long time. The flooring around swimming pools and water facilities also need regular professional cleaning. Due to the sprouted vegetation and water, they become extremely slippery and dangerous over time. Jet washing will remove all accumulated dirt and debris, including concrete cleaning, to ensure trouble-free operation.

The technology ensures quality and safe cleaning of patios, parking areas, playgrounds, recreation areas, sports fields, etc. Stains on various floorings and facades are removed, as well as the unpleasant colouring and yellowing. The results in tarmac and concrete cleaning are also excellent, which are one of the most difficult to clean due to their specifics. Our team will manually remove larger debris and unwanted vegetation, then with high-pressure water will clean the rest, removing dirt. Our professional equipment, many years of experience in jet washing in Reading and well-trained team will restore your outdoor space cleanliness and aesthetics.

Magic PRO Cleaning

We are professional Reading-based carpet and upholstery cleaners with a decade of experience in the cleaning industry. With Magic Pro Cleaning, excellent results are guaranteed.

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