Sep 10, 2020

pH Meter | The Small Secret That Will Keep Your Carpets Safe

There are a lot of things you should know when choosing a company to clean your carpets. Essentially, all options on the market offer to steam the carpets. Is this enough for you though? The whole technique in hot water extraction is much more than this. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when making this decision. If you want to know more about the topic, you have come to the right place.

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What is a pH Meter and how to use it for your advantage?

The process of carpet cleaning is becoming an increasingly complex service. There are a variety of fabrics used in today’s floor covering in both residential and commercial flooring. This wide range of fabrics urges the demand for more careful care and a different approach every time. To ensure the best possible results and to leave the carpet safe the best magic one can use is a pH Meter. This small tool will show you the exact condition of your carpet before and after the service. Measuring the acidity of the carpet before will provide vital information you can use for your advantage and provide the proper care for your carpets. This will prevent the carpets from damages. The pH meter will save you money and troubles.
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Having in mind the complexity of the fabrics, to measure the pH of the carpet is essential. The use of the meter will provide a clear guide and more efficient cleaning methods. The pH meter indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The meter has a scale of 14 indications. Liquids with pH below 7 are acidic. Solutions higher than 7 are bases. Solutions with pH equal to 7 are considered as neutral. Based on the readings on the pH meter, you should know how to treat the carpets and what is the right solutions for the best possible results.

 Sometimes, there are stains on the carpets and this means that a combination of cleaning solutions is needed. This tiny tool and the knowledge to use it will become your best friend when it comes to proper care for your carpets. It is easy to use and the information it gives is something that will change the way you clean your carpets forever. The pH meter is a MUST when it comes to everyone, who is dealing with carpet cleaning – on a domestic or professional level. Its usage guarantees 100% that your carpets will live longer and will not lose their colours in damage. Another great perk of the pH meter is that it can be used also on any kind of upholstery – sofas, armchairs, footstools or anything else covered in fabrics. It is one tiny tool with more than one use!

How to know which chemicals are right for your carpets and upholstery?

The decision for a proper cleaning solution should be made based on the results on the pH meter and the ingredients of the solutions. If you do not feel comfortable with taking this decision, you should contact a carpet cleaning company to do this for you. In the past years, carpet cleaning is becoming more of a science and this requires adequate actions. Sometimes this might be a risky business so many choose to leave it to the professionals. If this is the case with you – do not hesitate and call us. We will come and do our magic on-site. All of our magicians are properly equipped and know the nature of all fabrics and how to treat them. With the help of the pH meter, we can show you what your carpet needs. We have certificates for even more magic and can show you what we are capable of. The years of experience we have taught us many things and only one article will not be enough to show all the essentials in this complicated process – carpet cleaning. Still, we will be more than happy to show them to you. You can witness and be part of our magic – we are one call away!

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