Nov 4, 2020

5 Tips on how to protect your carpets

Have you ever wondered how to protect your carpets? It is really hard to keep your carpets fresh and clean for longer. With all the variety of fabrics and specifications to all of them, it is madness to know everything for each of the carpets. We are glad that we have years of experience behind our back. Now we can share with you some of our knowledge we have gathered through the years.

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How to prevent potential carpet damage?

1. Avoid High-Traffic Areas

Do you know which areas are high- traffic areas at our house? Usually, such areas are at the entrance of the room and the hallways. For such as is better to use fabrics that can handle the big volume of the steps.  20% of Polyester and 80% of wool is highly durable. It offers a wide selection of textures and colors. While it’s susceptible to pilling and shedding, it’s non-allergenic, sheds moisture, resists moths and mildew and cleans easily.

High-Traffic Area Carpet

2. Keep Your Feet Clean

Keep clean all the feet on the carpets clean. Especially if you have pets – clean their paws after every walk outside. Avoid walking around the property with your shoes on. This will help your carpets keep clean and protected from outside dirt. Pay special attention to this tip when it is a rainy day. Moist is not good for any flooring. Not only there is dirt, but the moist can additionally damage the carpet. The colours will not be as bright as they were when the carpets were new. These easy steps will help your carpets. The colours will remain fresher for a longer time.

3. Vacuum Often

We know that this takes time and efforts but the more that you vacuum, the more saturated fabrics you will have. It is recommendable to vacuum the carpets and all the rugs at least three times a week. If you have a baby or a pet in the house – the best number is 7 days a week. I know this sounds like a lot, but it is really important to have clean carpets-  most vacuum cleaners sanitize the carpets as well. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner removes all the small pieces like crumbs, allergens and keeps the carpets shining.  Here comes the help of the robot cleaner – it is efficient and you can do this while out shopping just with one click on your phone app!

4. Use Carpet Protection 

Did you know that there is a spray, designed to protect your carpets? It is like an invisible protector for each fibre of your carpet. Sounds like magic, right? It does miracles, but you have to know how to use it. The spray must be applied on clean carpets on a regular basis. Still, be sure that you are using the right spray. If the spray is not suitable for your carpets, it may harm the flooring more than helping. Make sure you test the spray first to a small area of the carpet. If not sure you want to do it on your own – message us, we can help!

What is our PRO tip of how to keep your carpets safe?

5. Book an Expert

If after all this looks too much for you and you do not have the time and the equipment to do this – we are the right professionals to call. We know how to make your carpets clean and to protect them to stay shiny and vivid for longer. The methods we are using are specially designed depending on the fabric and colour of the floorings. Be sure that after our magic, the carpets will stay fresh for longer!

Having in mind all the tips above, this will save you a lot of money on changing carpets and new rugs. It is easy to keep it simple. You just need to know what to do. For more useful information and bulletins, subscribe! We will share more secrets with you first!

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