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  • Low cost – high quality
  • Fully trained cleaning specialists
  • Expertise in treatment of delicate fabrics
  • Truly magical results

We Clean Your Upholstery In 11 Steps

Step 1We park in the nearest free parking space next to your home and our technician comes to your door to greet you
Step 2Technician inspects the sofas to assess what detergents he needs.
Step 3Unloads the machine, along with all the necessary detergents for the service.
Step 4If necessary, move light furniture to ensure access to the sofa.
Step 5Measuring the pH of sofas.
Step 6He starts with pre-treatment of sofas
Step 7It is the turn of the cleaning itself – washing the sofa with the machine. The heat of the water and the kind of detergents depends on the fabric, stains and colour of the sofa.
Step 8As a complimentary and to keep the result of the cleaning longer, we apply a protective fabric spray.
Step 9We ask the client to come and see the result of the cleaning.
Step 10We give tips for faster drying of washed sofas. We leave marketing materials to talk to the client about his impressions of our service.
Step 11You have disinfected furniture with renewed colours. Just like the day you bought them!

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

The water extraction technique allows efficient removal of even the most stubborn stains off of almost every fabric.

Specialised Pre-Treatment

If necessary, we apply a specialised pre-spray to guarantee magical results and a brand new look for your furniture.

Professional Equipment

We use the latest equipment in the industry, making sure that it is eco-friendly and 100% safe for children and pets.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning by Magic Pro Cleaning

Do you need to take care of some nasty stains that are now part of your favourite furniture? Yet you’re not really sure where to begin? Don’t beat yourself up! Getting rid of stubborn spots can be really tricky, especially when inappropriate detergents and cleaning methods are being used. Not only it can be difficult to remove certain stains, but it can also damage the fabric.

To avoid the hassle and ensure that your furniture won’t be damaged at all, you can rely on us to take care of the job. With years of experience, we fully understand how to efficiently perform upholstery cleaning for any texture.

  • Pre-treatment with specialised pre-spray
  • How water extraction
  • Extra treatment of the remaining stubborn stains
  • Stabilise and neutralise the pH
  • Apply fibre protection (Scotchgard)

Leather Cleaning in Reading for Your Upholstery

You have leather sofas and you are worried about how to choose a trusted company for leather cleaning in Reading? Magic Pro Cleaning is the answer to your worries. As you can see on our website, we have certified professionals for cleaning and treating all types of fabrics and fibres. We are experts in working with very delicate and expensive fabrics. And we also have the knowledge and experience in providing the deep clean leather sofa service. You should keep in mind that the leather, due to its specifics, can be damaged very quickly if you do not know how to take care of it. And, unfortunately, on the leather, any wear and tear are immediately apparent. Thus, the beauty and elegant look of your leather furniture are lost.

The main contaminants on leather furniture occur as a result of contact with body oil, skin acidity, and atmospheric conditions. Stains and mould on leather appear and its lustre is lost. To restore its natural beauty, it must be treated with special detergents. They will remove stains, but also they will protect it from dirt. Our professional leather cleaners will choose the right detergents and technologies for different leather types.

Leather Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service includes specialised treatment for your leather furniture. Using the appropriate detergents and equipment, we are able to efficiently clean your favourite leather sofa to a spotless condition.

Expert know-how on delicate fabrics

We have strong experience and knowledge on how to treat gentle surfaces, without harming them in any way.

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Reading for Excellent Results

If you need professional upholstery cleaning services, you need to keep in mind a few important details. First of all, the upholstery cleaning company that you would appreciate must have certificates for team training for delicate upholstery fibres cleaning and maintenance. This way you will be sure that the right detergents and technologies will be used for cleaning your upholstered furniture. Specialized companies measure the upholstered furniture pH to determine the alkalinity or acidity of the washing detergents.

It is also important for the company to have sufficient experience in providing upholstery cleaning services. This will save you unpleasant surprises. Different upholstery fibres require a different way of cleaning and treatment. However, the best results, according to experts, are achieved through upholstery steam cleaner. This removes all accumulated dust and dirt in depth. Surface cleaning actually only “hides” the dirt inside. Thus, even if the surface looks relatively clean, dust and dirt come out whenever you touch the upholstery. This is especially negative for the health of people and pets because the particles are inhaled. That is why a professional deep upholstery cleaning service is important. Magic Pro Cleaning is your professional and experienced upholstery cleaning services company in Reading.

Our Happy Clients


“We would highly recommend MagicPro Carpet Cleaning Ltd. Ivan is very professional and friendly. We will definitely use his service in the future. Thank you again.”


“Ivor was excellent. He moved furniture and did a really good job of dirty carpets left by the previous owners of our new house. We would use him again without hesitation.”


"Arrived as booked, as promised my oven looks brand new. Definitely recommend MagicPro to friends. Very happy customer."


“I was promised that my oven would be like new after they finished the clean and they were true to their word.”


“Another brilliant job, always very efficient and very helpful.
Would definitely recommend.”


“Great service. My 10 year old carpet looks like new and at a good price. What more do you need. Will use again definitely.”

Professional Sofa Cleaning Services Near Me

Here are listed five reasons to choose Magic Pro Cleaning for your “professional sofa cleaning services near me”:

  • For our existence since 2013, we have cleaned really many sofas;
  • We also have a lot of certificates proving that we know all sofa fabrics and types very well. And we can clean and maintain even the most delicate ones well;
  • We know what sofa deep cleaning really means. Our customers too;
  • We are much more than a sofa cleaning company because we can offer you a rich portfolio of cleaning services. But we always give our best;
  • Our numerous clients during all years of work remain the best proof for our service quality.

What is important for you to know as a client when choosing professional sofa cleaning services near me? Ignorance of upholstery fabrics and fibres can ruin them in a very short time. The only experience leads to excellent results in delicate fabrics cleaning. The best combination, however, is a trained cleaning team and many years of experience as a sofa cleaning company. The service price includes professional equipment and preparations. The fabric type and your sofa condition and maintenance determine what detergents and cleaning technologies will be applied.

Contact us if you are looking for a professional upholstery cleaning service in Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any possibility that my furniture can be damaged?

The upholstery cleaners use specialised cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure that this will never happen. We carefully inspect each item we clean and establish which treatment method will fit it best.

Can you guarantee that every stain will be removed?

We are not able to guarantee that, simply because some stubborn stains are just impossible to clean. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we can efficiently deal with the majority of the dirty spots. If our methods can’t get rid of a stain, we believe that nothing will..

Is hot water extraction the best method for cleaning upholstery?

Hot water extraction is a specialised cleaning method that really brings astonishing results. Combined with the pre-treatment, this technique becomes really powerful and can really get rid of the accumulated dust, dirt and overall grime, without damaging the textile.

Are you available for booking on weekends?

Yes, you can schedule your appointment for any day of the week.

Magic Pro Cleaning – Upholstery Cleaning Near Me

Upholstered furniture along with carpets gets dirty the fastest because it is the most exploited. In addition, it absorbs dust and dirt into its fibres. If not cleaned thoroughly and deeply, it can have a negative effect on human and animal health. However, its maintenance is really difficult. That is why upholstery cleaning services are so wanted and popular. However, the important thing is to find your “upholstery cleaning near me”. Professional upholstery cleaning service guarantees you:

  • deep cleaning;
  • harmful microorganisms removal and upholstery disinfection;
  • long-term protection of the upholstery from future pollution;
  • excellent knowledge of the fibres types and the ways of their treatment.

Magic Pro Cleaning offers you even more – our experience and positive and kind team of cleaners. Do not risk damaging the upholstery with inappropriate detergents and technologies. Look only for time-proven upholstery cleaning services. Magic Pro Cleaning – my upholstery cleaning near me!

NOTE: The service requires access to electricity and water to be performed.

Book Your Hassle-Free Upholstery Cleaning in Reading!

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How to Find The Best Specialist Upholstery Cleaning Near Me?

Several key requirements distinguish the best specialist upholstery cleaning near me. Accordingly, they are as follows:

  • training certificates for delicate fabrics and fibres cleaning and treatment;
  • experience as a specialist upholstery cleaning near me;
  • availability of professional detergents and equipment for different upholstery fabrics and fibres types;
  • excellent customer feedback.

If you are looking for a professional and responsible standard for your upholstery cleaning or even just for sofa upholstery cleaning in Reading, we at Magic Pro Cleaning can meet all your requirements. You can see our certificates and awards for compliance with the highest quality standards in upholstery cleaning here. Whether it is natural or artificial fabrics, delicate fabrics or wool, we have the right solution, expertise and technology. We can offer you the most modern and safe solutions for sofa upholstery cleaning in Reading, as well as for cleaning any type of upholstery.

Magic PRO Cleaning

We are professional Reading-based carpet and upholstery cleaners with a decade of experience in the cleaning industry. With Magic Pro Cleaning, excellent results are guaranteed.

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