What causes carpet beetles?

What causes carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are pests that mainly feed on natural fibres containing keratin (beetle larvae). That is why they attack materials such as wool, silk, leather. It is also possible to attack synthetic fibres if the latter are mixed with natural materials or are heavily contaminated with food stains or body fat and fluids. Adult carpet beetles are small and do not feed on fibres. Several beetle species are known, which differ mainly in colour. Probably the most common one is black carpet beetles. Female beetles lay a large number of eggs, which turn into beetle larvae. It is the larvae that cause serious damage to natural fibres.

Signs of Carpet Beetles

Beetle infestation may not be as visible because the pests may have settled in less obvious spots. Sometimes the damage from them is discovered quite late when your favourite things are already ruined. You can recognize the carpet beetle bites by the irregular holes and areas with worn threads (some compare these bites to bed bug bites). These pests also attack your blankets, sweaters, scarves, upholstery and even objects if they are made of natural materials. Most often, beetle larvae are found in more hidden places, such as edges and folds of things that are not actively used. With regard to carpets, these pests are most often found on the backside of the carpets and at their edges. People often wonder where do carpet bugs come from and think they are from moths.

How Many Carpet Beetles Is an Infestation?

In fact, just a couple of these pests is enough to invade and cause damage to your belongings if you allow them to reproduce. Given that females lay a large number of eggs and carpet beetles attract other ones, you can very quickly have a huge amount of pests. And while adults feed on pollen, their larvae quickly destroy all the natural fibres they have long-term exposure to. Carpet beetle causes property damage. Although it is not a dangerous insect and will not bite you, it can be quite unhygienic, as can its larvae. This is due to the fact that it can also develop on carcasses and remains of animals, nests and more.

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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

The easiest answer to how to get rid of carpet beetles is to prevent beetle infestation. A few simple tips should be followed. First of all, things that contain natural fabrics must be cleaned very well. This should be done by dry cleaning (where possible) or washing with hot water. In addition, however, even synthetic fabrics must be sanitized if they are heavily contaminated with food or body fluids. If the items will be stored for a long time, they should be packed very well, preferably in vacuum bags. The aim is the packaging to fit snugly so that pests, especially black carpet beetle infestation, are not allowed. Washing and cleaning with hot water not only removes dirt but also destroys the eggs and beetle larvae. This breaks the vicious circle of the beetles life cycle and the infestation threat. If contaminated surfaces are found, the adjacent areas must also be cleaned. Knowing what causes carpet beetles, you can remove them.

Tips for Removing Carpet Beetles

There are a number of insecticides on the market to combat these and other pests. However, it should be borne in mind that most of the insecticides are toxic and must be used very carefully and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Carpet beetle spray, for example, is quite popular, but in order to be effective, there must be a sufficient concentration of the spray on the affected areas. However, this can be dangerous for the health of the occupants of the premises. Also, some essential oils can be effective in combating many pests, but again the condition is for a sufficient concentration of oil. In this sense, such agents can be applied to your belongings when they are folded and well packaged so that the oils do not evaporate quickly. However, the question of how long they will be effective is very controversial. Therefore, it is better for your carpets, flooring, and upholstery to be cleaned regularly by professional carpet cleaning companies. This gives you a guarantee that you will get rid of carpet beetles. And you will get rid not only of these pests but also of harmful microorganisms that have a negative effect on your health.

To kill carpet beetles and prevent invasion, you need to find the infestation source. It is likely to be an object that has not been used for a long time, made of natural material, somewhere in a dark room. Also, female adult beetles may have laid eggs on a pet’s accumulated hair, bird nests, and even various cereals and pet foods. In this case, you should watch for beetle larvae in more hidden places. Remember that you should even check the flowers you bring home during the cold seasons. Since adult beetles feed on pollen, it is very likely that they hid in a pot.

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How to Prevent Carpet Beetle Infestation?

It is very important to act quickly, knowing what causes carpet beetles. Regular vacuuming of floors, carpets and walkways, including under their edges and in niches and hidden places will seriously increase your chances of protecting yourself from pests infestation. Particular care must be taken to maintain natural fibres that are not actively used and are stored for a long time in a warehouse. They need to be checked regularly for pests. It is best to store them in vacuum packs. Placing insecticides outdoors near windows and doors will reduce the chances of pests getting inside. Your food should be stored in closed containers. Dirty linen, especially if heavily soiled with body fluids, should either be washed immediately or packed well.

If you don’t kill carpet beetles, you will need to get rid of the carpet. And also you will have to get rid of a number of your favourite things.

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