What causes yellow stains on mattress – Do you know?

Bear on a Mattress

Your mattress contact with body fluids is the reason for mattress stains. The stains appear with prolonged use. Sweat and body fat has a negative effect not only on the mattress but also on pillows and bed linen. You should also know that in addition to the appearance of yellow spots on the mattress, they also lead to mould and unpleasant odour on the mattress. This leads to harmful microorganisms in the mattress. The main problem is sweat stains on the mattress. The mattress discolouration, on the other hand, is most often related to the environmental influence on it and its oxidation. Other negative factors that heavily contaminate your mattress are food and urine stains (most common with children). Pets can also seriously contaminate your mattress. Once you know what causes yellow stains on the mattress, you will learn how to take care of it.

Mattress Stains

Your mattress is one of the most used things in your life, given that a third of your life is spent asleep. That is why various traces of this use appear on it quite quickly. Stains on your mattress can vary – yellow stains on mattress; yellow spots on mattress; yellow dots on mattress, discolouration, unpleasant odours.

Knowing How to Remove Yellow Stains from a Mattress Is Important

Professional deep mattress cleaning should be done at least 1-2 times a year. Of course, it is also important how long the mattress has been used. Also, by whom it is used. The professional cleaning company will offer a cleaning solution to remove not only stains and musty smelling but also the accumulated dirt, dust and microorganisms. This is especially important for preventing and limiting allergic reactions. Because good and peaceful sleep is one of the most important conditions for good health. It should be borne in mind that in people with allergies, professional mattress cleaning should be done more often.

yellow stains on mattress

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professionals use specialized detergents and technologies to suck all the accumulated dirt from the mattress interior. One of the main challenges is cleaning sweat stains from the mattress. The big problem with a dirty mattress is not the surface stains on the mattress cover. They are generally easy to remove. It is important to say that you do not have to deal with their removal yourself because you can spread them deep into the mattress fabric, and then it will be difficult and even impossible to remove them. It is also possible to spread yellow sweat stains on a mattress over a larger area. The big problem and the main harmful effect on health is related to the layered dirt and moisture, as well as the presence of mould in the mattress. All this is inhaled for a long time and every night. Particles penetrate and reach the lungs. To eliminate health risks, you need hot water extraction cleaning. The technology allows dirt extraction and removal from the mattress interior by using only water. Vacuum mattress cannot clean in depth. Additional detergents and treatment for cleaning sweat stains from the mattress and yellow spots on the mattress can also be applied. Such cleaning also removes organisms such as mites, fleas and others.

Yellow Stains on Memory Foam Mattress

The main threat associated with foam mattress is the appearance of mould on it if the bedroom is too humid. A professional cleaning company will apply a specialized detergent to remove mould. The foam mattress cleaning technology is almost identical to that used with other mattress types. It is not easier to remove sweat stains from the mattress. In this case, it is more dangerous to damage the mattress material if you try to clean it yourself. Even if you think that small yellow dots on a mattress are easy to clean and you can do it yourself, better not. Ignorance of specific materials will not only lead to a bad cleaning result, but it is also very likely to permanently damage the mattress. Note that your mattress warranty may not be recognized for improper and unprofessional cleaning. And a mattress is not a small investment to take such a risk. The appearance of small yellow spots on the mattress is a late signal that your mattress needs to be cleaned. Before that, there will be small spots or the appearance of some different smell. If you sweat a lot, clean your mattress more often. If you have any allergies at home, you also need to clean the mattress and change the bed linen more often.

Mattress cleaning

How to Protect Your Mattress the Longest?

First of all, you need to know the main negative factors for your mattress and why do mattresses turn yellow. Time and active use have an impact on everything. But you can reduce the harmful factors. You can make sure that the humidity in your bedrooms is not too high. Also, change your bed linen regularly and cover the mattress well. Ventilate the premises regularly. And don’t wait for yellow stains on the mattress or unpleasant odours to appear. If you or your children spill something on the mattress, do not try to clean it with home remedies. Choose a professional company that has the necessary knowledge and experience. A professional carpet cleaning company can help you with its trained team and specialized detergents and equipment. You can also take advantage of a general offer for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning. This way, you will be sure that you will get a really thorough and deep cleansing, and the effect on your health will be remarkable. You will also save money by taking advantage of a complete service. In fact, it is the flooring, upholstered furniture and mattresses that collect the most dirt, dust and harmful microorganisms due to the fact that they are most used, but also due to their specific material. A professional mattress cleaning team will apply special detergents to protect the mattress surface from rapid contamination.

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