Domestic Window Cleaning in Reading

Bring back the shine of your glass panes!

  • High-end professional equipment
  • Cleaners with years of experience
  • Quality services at low-costs
  • Hassle-free cleaning procedure

We Clean Your Windows In 9 Steps

Step 1We park in the nearest free parking space next to your home and our technician comes to you.
Step 2We unload the equipment together with all the necessary attributes for the service.
Step 3We find the water tap that is provided for us to use.
Step 4We clean the windows inside.
Step 5We clean the windows outside.
Step 6As a bonus to the service, we also clean the windows frames – outside and inside.
Step 7We ask the client to come and inspect the result of the cleaning.
Step 8We give tips for maintaining the windows. We leave marketing materials to talk to the client about his impressions of our service.
Step 9You have clean and shiny windows 🙂

Water-Fed Pole Method

The extendable pole allows our cleaning experts to safely reach up to the 4th floor from the outside.

Purified Water Treatment

The purified water technology contains no harsh chemicals and protects your windows from getting dirty for a long period of time.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We are experienced in performing commercial building window cleaning, for both small and large businesses.

Sparkling clean windows for your property in Reading

Taking care of your windows and keeping them clean at all times can be rather difficult, especially if you lack the time and have no specialised equipment at your disposal. Whether you want to vitalize your home or office, Magic Pro Clean has the skills and experience to provide you with magical results.


  • 100% Eco-friendly cleaning solution – we use deionized water, which is chemical-free and is completely pregnancy-safe and harmless to kids and pets.
  • Competitive rates – we have one of the lowest prices on the market. Our service is affordable, yet highly professional.
  • Reliable experts – our window cleaners in Reading have years of experience in the industry and are fully trained to provide flawless service, leaving your glass panes spotless for longer.

Professional Window Cleaners near Me

The Magic Pro Cleaning team strives to establish itself among its clients as “professional window cleaners near me”. For us, this means knowing our customers’ needs and all modern solutions in professional window cleaning. We believe that for a successful window cleaning company it is not the number of washed windows that is important, but the satisfaction of the people who look through them. We really strive to offer complete cleaning solutions. These include developing plans for regular window cleaning according to the specific needs and customer consulting on the best options for the specific case.

We are convinced that the basis of the local window cleaner success is honesty with each client. And this is the best satisfaction guarantee we can provide. And, of course, we always give our best in our work. This way, we fulfil the promises we have made to those who have trusted our services. Our goal is to become your local window cleaner, which you trust and look for to address your needs for commercial or home windows cleaning. We are proud of the fact that over the years we have managed to create loyal customers, who believe in our window cleaning company philosophy.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Reading

Are you looking to improve your workspace environment? Having your office windows cleaned can significantly boost the natural sunlight and enhance the productivity of your team.

Observatory Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners in Reading are experienced in safely cleaning conservatories of all shapes and sizes.

Professional Residential Window Cleaning Services in Reading

If you are looking for a trusted and correct company for residential window cleaning services in Reading, Magic Pro Cleaning is exactly that one. Our window cleaners are excellently trained, responsive and with corporate uniforms. Our services include:

  • High-level interior and exterior window washing;
  • Mirrors and conservatory washing;
  • Skylight washing.

Thanks to the telescopic pole we can wash the windows up to the third floor from the ground level. Our window washing solution is based on a water purification system. This way, your windows and mirrored surfaces are cleaned in-depth and remain protected from dirt for a long time. As no chemicals are used, the interior window cleaning method ensures a healthy environment even for people with allergies. Regular windows washing significantly reduces the concentration of dust particles on the premises, as they retain a lot of dirt. Magic Pro Cleaning consultants will offer a schedule suitable for your needs for residential window cleaning services or for house window cleaning. Window cleaning can also be done during the winter season, but it also depends on the climatic conditions in your area. For questions and to book residential windows cleaning services in Reading you can contact our team.

Our Happy Clients


“We would highly recommend MagicPro Carpet Cleaning Ltd. Ivan is very professional and friendly. We will definitely use his service in the future. Thank you again.”


“Ivor was excellent. He moved furniture and did a really good job of dirty carpets left by the previous owners of our new house. We would use him again without hesitation.”


"Arrived as booked, as promised my oven looks brand new. Definitely recommend MagicPro to friends. Very happy customer."


“I was promised that my oven would be like new after they finished the clean and they were true to their word.”


“Another brilliant job, always very efficient and very helpful.
Would definitely recommend.”


“Great service. My 10 year old carpet looks like new and at a good price. What more do you need. Will use again definitely.”

Commercial Window Cleaning services in Reading for Excellent Results

Magic Pro Cleaning applies the most modern and eco-friendly cleaning technology and equipment, offering commercial window cleaning services in Reading. Our purified water window cleaning system reflects our philosophy of achieving excellent cleaning results together with health and environmental care. This cleaning system is suitable and safe for both exterior and interior window washing.

Our cleaning team comes on-site with fully professional window washing equipment. This allows us to provide speed, efficiency and excellent results, saving water, time and energy. Our employees are safe, as the equipment allows us to reach even high floors by telescopic pole extension. We offer flexible plans for subscription services for commercial window cleaning services so that they meet your specific business needs and size. We perform the service seven days a week and we have a very flexible schedule that will be tailored to your working hours. So you can choose us for your local window cleaners. After cleaning the windows we guarantee:

  • High-quality cleaning and long-lasting protection against window dirt;
  • Access to much more light in the office premises;
  • High level of hygiene and removal of the dust accumulated on the windows with our commercial window cleaning services in Reading.

Look for Magic Pro Cleaning – your local window cleaners in Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean the windows from the inside?

A standard process for us is to clean the windows from the outside, without disturbing your personal comfort. Of course, if requested we can clean your glass panes from the inside as well. Whichever you prefer.

Do you use any harmful detergents?

The window cleaning procedure is absolutely eco-friendly with no use of detergents. We use purified water technology which is 100% child & pet safe.

How many cleaners do you send to perform the service?

The window cleaning service is performed by one expert. If the job asks for more, we can send an additional one.

How much time does it usually take?

The duration of the cleaning procedure entirely depends on the number of windows you have and their condition.

Your Crystal Clear Windows Are Just a Call Away

Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with one of our cleaning specialists. Easy, quick and hassle-free.

Conservatory Windows Cleaning Services near Me

The view of a bright conservatory is really beautiful. But in fact, it does not stay so beautiful for a long time if there is no regular maintenance by local window cleaners. Due to a large amount of glass, dust, stains and dirt stick quickly. Thus, instead of sunlight penetrating through the windows, the stains are very visible. Conservatory windows cleaning is time-consuming hard work. This is especially valid for the conservatory roof. That is why it is best to look for professional “conservatory windows cleaning services near me“. So much glass is really beyond the power of even the most enthusiastic conservatories fan. And all this effort must be done regularly throughout the year because due to its specific architecture the conservatory is very susceptible to all atmospheric and climatic influences.

Due to improper maintenance, in addition to the accumulated dirt and dust in the conservatory, mould also spreads. It requires regular window washing services for cleaning and limiting it. In order to preserve your conservatory aesthetic appearance, you must take care of the timely gutters cleaning. You can solve all these problems with Magic Pro Cleaning – your local window cleaners for professional window washing services and gutter cleaning.

Magic PRO Cleaning

We are professional Reading-based cleaners with years of experience cleaning both domestic and business properties.

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